Hidi | China.

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Hidi | China | Fashion
34.055264, -118.250277

I LOVE LA!  Though…not immediately at first. Let me explain. I was relocated to LA for a job offer. At first, I didn’t like the weather…I know it is hard to believe.  I just felt the summers were way too hot for me to handle. But, now, more than 10 years later, I ask myself, “Why is it so cold?”  I love the weather in LA!  And that is not the only reason. We have mountains and the ocean! I can go skiing in the mountains in the morning and jump into the ocean in the afternoon – all in one day!

In this melting pot, I really appreciate being able to be true to myself. I got to know so many different nationalities and become good friends. We look at each other as a true human beings, instead of dividing into different colors, languages or religions. We show our interest and respect of all the different backgrounds and cultures – that brings us all together right here at this time and place.

If you are only dreaming of going to LA, don’t dream anymore, get a ticket and fly down here to experience this melting pot!

Debbie | Indonesia.

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Debbie | Indonesia | Diversity
34.112451, -118.029060

I have the honor of representing Indonesia but my story doesn’t start there. I was born and raised in Switzerland and grew up speaking (Swiss) German and Indonesian. Growing up, we traveled to Indonesia at least once a year because it was important to my parents that my siblings and I knew where we came from, and that we were familiar with the land, culture and language. After graduating from high school, I decided to attend college in Los Angeles. Moving to Los Angeles has brought me even closer to my heritage because the Indonesian population is a lot bigger here than back in Switzerland.

Having the ability to speak “Bahasa Indonesia” (Indonesian) definitely has its benefits in my private life as well as in my work life. I work as a hospice nurse, and I distinctly remember one of my patients who was a pastor from Indonesia. I overheard the patient and his wife speaking Indonesian to each other, so, I just started talking in Indonesian to them. 

When the couple realized that I was Indonesian, they were so happy and excited that they had an Indonesian there right by their side. It’s just such a beautiful thing when people connect with each other through culture and language.

BTS: Shoot at Barnsdall Art Park.

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BTS: Shoot in 90210.

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Sigin | South Sudan.

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Sigin | South Sudan | Embrace

Sigin | South Sudan | Embrace
34.072528, -118.441852

“Embrace”: I choose this word because for me, Los Angeles is still so new and different.

There is so much going on and at the same time there is much isolation – this is an uncomfortable dynamic. There is however a warmth here that retains people and an environment that seems to transcend time; interesting people coming from all over the place at different points of their lives are met in the present, and it is here that they create their own sort of temporal and spatial reality.

I find myself continuously overwhelmed by this dynamism, but I am learning that the real beauty of Los Angeles is given to those who embrace it.


BTS: Stylish shoot in Sunset Junction.

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Warren | Mexico.

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Warren | Mexico | Persistence
34.104454, -118.319104

I moved to Los Angeles almost 8 years ago. It was a 4th of July. Like every young twenty-something year-old that moves to this city, I arrived in LA full of aspirations… After almost 8 years of being here, I find it incredible that I am just as full of those as the day I arrived. It is true; Los Angeles is a tough city. Much tougher than the movies make it seem. But I would hate myself if I hadn’t spent my twenties in a thriving, vibrant city that challenged me and inspired me at every turn… There are several secrets to leading a happy and peaceful existence in Los Angeles, and if you learn those, you’ve won half the battle. First, learn to circumnavigate your way around traffic; that is, know your rush hours, learn the back streets, and be smarter than your GPS. Second, learn to circumnavigate your way around b***shit; that is, do your life, have your friends, and avoid as many “industry events” as you possibly can… Third, make a conscious effort to explore everything this wonderful city has to offer, if possible, get away for the weekend every chance you get. Finally, don’t try to keep up with the fads, don’t try to dress like everyone else, and don’t subscribe to any of the labels… If you can do those things, Los Angeles is paradise.




BTS: Shoot in Highland Park.

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BTS: shoot at Nick Metropolis “The King of Collectable”.

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Prem | Nepal.

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Prem | Nepal | Diversity
33.868791, -118.084787

My name is Prem, a computer engineer by profession, born and brought up in Nepal as well as in Southern India.

I came to Los Angeles in 1996 and loved the diversities, beaches, life styles of rich and famous. I had read so much about Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. I enjoyed my first Christmas in Rodeo Drive walking around with my friends.

Even though I came from one of the poorest countries in the world, I had always been proud promoting Nepal as the land of of Mt. Everest and Birthplace of Buddha.

I always like to call NEPAL as Never Ending Peace And Love.

Once you visit Nepal, you will definitely visit Nepal again and again and again. That is why they always say, “Naturally Nepal, Once is not enough.”

Once again, thank you Josh for this wonderful opportunity. I truly appreciate it and am grateful to you.

Let’s visit Nepal.