Debbie | Indonesia.

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Debbie | Indonesia | Diversity
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I have the honor of representing Indonesia but my story doesn’t start there. I was born and raised in Switzerland and grew up speaking (Swiss) German and Indonesian. Growing up, we traveled to Indonesia at least once a year because it was important to my parents that my siblings and I knew where we came from, and that we were familiar with the land, culture and language. After graduating from high school, I decided to attend college in Los Angeles. Moving to Los Angeles has brought me even closer to my heritage because the Indonesian population is a lot bigger here than back in Switzerland.

Having the ability to speak “Bahasa Indonesia” (Indonesian) definitely has its benefits in my private life as well as in my work life. I work as a hospice nurse, and I distinctly remember one of my patients who was a pastor from Indonesia. I overheard the patient and his wife speaking Indonesian to each other, so, I just started talking in Indonesian to them. 

When the couple realized that I was Indonesian, they were so happy and excited that they had an Indonesian there right by their side. It’s just such a beautiful thing when people connect with each other through culture and language.

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