Story behind the Faces of Los Angeles.

My name is Josh and I moved to Los Angeles from Geneva Switzerland in the summer of 2013 and I absolutely love it here. The city, the people, the light, the energy! It has really had a positive impact on my life and who I am as a person. I wish to celebrate LA and its people in my own way and that will be through a photographic project.

Before moving to LA, I had my fair amount of success with a project called Faces of Geneva. Very basically, my goal was to photograph one person from every country in the world recognized by the United Nations. It made a lot of sense to follow this list of countries since the UN has its European Headquarters in Geneva. Despite the city being small (400,000 people), it is very international and I managed to photograph people from 156 different countries.

The project was a great success with shows at the Art & History Museum in Geneva as well as the United Nations. I also published a book with the photos and it has been very well received.

2 of the 156 photos from Faces of Geneva

2 of the 156 photos from Faces of Geneva

Since then, many people have encouraged me to start a Faces of series in cities like London, New York or even LA. I was always reluctant because I did not want to surf the same wave for too long and one of the interesting aspects of Geneva, as mentioned above, is the diversity offered in such a small city. LA, New York or London are all awesome places but they are megacities and, to me, diversity in these places is kind of a given.

Now that I have been in LA for the better part of a year, I see better all this city has to offer photographically and on a human level. After giving it quite a bit of thought, weighing the pros and cons, and just gathering the courage to start again, I’ve decided to start a Faces of Los Angeles project.

Although the name is the same, the project itself will be somewhat different. For starters, the photographs are in color. Los Angeles is such a vibrant, visually exciting city that I fear black and white photos might not do it enough justice. Secondly, the photos have more of an objective feel to them. I wish to document and “catalog” the amazing people in this city.